Personal Illustrations

I don't like Squid Zelda Night Butterflies in the Banyon Trees Campfire What a Fat Bird... Addams Family - The Conservatory Addams Family - Pugsley and Aristotle at the Pool Addams Family - Wednesday Addams Family - Wednesday's Garden Business Card Toasted Marshmallow Winter is Coming Bad Hair

Published Illustrations

The Jennies The Jennies Legend of Loot Jet Stickers - Octi Jet Stickers - Zombunnies Jet Stickers - Costume Kitties Jet Notes 1 Jet Notes 1 Peppy Kids Club - January Peppy Kids Club - February Peppy Kids CLub - March Peppy Kids CLub - April Peppy Kids CLub - May Peppy Kids CLub - Autumn Peppy Kids CLub - Christmas/Adjective Flashcards Teagames dot Com 1 Teagames dot Com 2 Teagames dot Com 3 Teagames dot Com 4 Teagames dot Com 5 Teagames dot Com Characters